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Karaoke all the time with your own software and songs!

We will give you a free phone consultation and determine your needs.  Whether you just want the latest songs to karaoke at home on your computer, need a small system to throw parties for your friends, or are a business wanting to offer karaoke to your customers, we will use our thirteen years of expertise in this industry to find the best solution for you.

Karaoke songs

Karaoke songs are really two digital files, an mp3 and a graphics file zipped together.  You will need software to play them in unison to get the song and the words on the monitor to play together.   We offer a wide variety of music from all genres and with a click you can download them to your computer.


JustKaraoke is a simple but very sophisticated software that allows you to easily search and find the song you need.  It will act as a DJ and play songs between karaoke singers and has sound effect buttons that can be customized to play or say anything you wish. We use this software in our rentals and can teach you how to use it in ten minutes – easy as pie!

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Song Book Creator

Song Book Creator will automatically create a song book by artist and by title from the songs loaded into JustKaraoke – so easy.

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