Hosted Shows

Karaoke 4 Kids Birthday and Scout Parties  – Keep the party pumpin’ with our interactive DJ!   Each hosted party includes curtain backdrop, costume accessories, disco ball, laser light, in additon to audio equipment with 4 microphones.  Minimum time 1 1/2 hours for $295 + $100 per additional hour.  

Child Care Centers love Karaoke 4 Kids!  We come to your location for an in-house field trip to save you the hassle and expense of leaving your center.  Pre-schoolers, school-age students, and your teachers will have the times of their lives singing, dancing, and dressing up!  Minimum time 1 1/2 hours for $275 + $100 per additional hour.  

School Events and Karaoke 4 Kids go hand in hand. We’d love to party with your students at your festival, spaghetti supper, graduation party, choir banquet, or early dismissal day. We can help you raise funds and have a great time! Wouldn’t you love to offer them something creative, unique, and artistic to do instead?  Minimum time 1 1/2 hours for $275 + $100 per additional hour.

Karaoke 4 Kids at your outdoor festival or other event offer the kids free entertainment! We have a very  good-looking booth that would add lots of fun to your festival!  We can let the kids sing for free or record their own CD for only $5.